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In Progress/Submitted

  • Dang, C., Segal-Rozenhaimer, M., Che, H., Zhang, L., Formenti, P., Taylor, J., Dobracki, A., Purdue, S., Wong, P.S., Nenes, A. and Sedlacek, A., 2021. Biomass burning and marine aerosol processing over the southeast Atlantic Ocean: A TEM single particle analysis. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, pp.1-30

  • Sabrina P. Cochrane, K. Sebastian Schmidt, Hong Chen, Peter Pilewskie, Scott Kittleman, Jens Redemann, Samuel LeBlanc, Kristina Pistone, Michal Segal Rozenhaimer, Meloë Kacenelenbogen, Yohei Shinozuka, Connor Flynn, Rich Ferrare, Sharon Burton, Chris Hostetler, Marc Mallet, and Paquita Zuidema, Biomass burning aerosol heating rates from the ORACLES 2016 and 2017 experiments, Preprint, AMT.: amt-2021-169

In Press/Published

  • Rose M. Miller, Greg M. McFarquhar, Robert M. Rauber, Joseph R. O’Brien, Siddhant Gupta, Michal Segal-Rozenhaimer, Amie N. Dobracki, Arthur J. Sedlacek, Sharon P. Burton, Steven G. Howell, Steffen Freitag, Caroline Dang, Observations of Supermicron-Sized Aerosols Originating from Biomass Burning in South Central Africa, ACP,

  • Pistone, K., Zuidema, P., Wood, R., Diamond, M., da Silva, A. M., Ferrada, G., Saide, P., Ueyama, R., Ryoo, J.-M., Pfister, L., Podolske, J., Noone, D., Bennett, R., Stith, E., Carmichael, G., Redemann, J., Flynn, C., LeBlanc, S., Segal-Rozenhaimer, M., and Shinozuka, Y.: Exploring the elevated water vapor signal associated with the free-tropospheric biomass burning plume over the southeast Atlantic Ocean, Atmos. Chem. Phys.,

  • Chen, H., Schmidt, S., King, M. D., Wind, G., Bucholtz, A., Reid, E. A., Segal-Rozenhaimer, M., Smith, W. L., Taylor, P. C., Kato, S., and Pilewskie, P.: Shortwave Radiative Effect of Arctic Low-Level Clouds: Evaluation of Imagery-Derived Irradiance with Aircraft Observations, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 14, 2673–2697, 2021,

  • Gupta, S., McFarquhar, G.M., O'Brien, J.R., Delene, D.J., Poellot, M.R., Dobracki, A., Podolske, J.R., Redemann, J., LeBlanc, S.E., Segal-Rozenhaimer, M. and Pistone, K., 2020. Impact of the Variability in Vertical Separation between Biomass-Burning Aerosols and Marine Stratocumulus on Cloud Microphysical Properties over the Southeast Atlantic, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 4615–4635, 2021,

  • Ian Chang, Lan Gao, Sharon P. Burton, Hong Chen, Michael S. Diamond, Richard A. Ferrare, Connor J. Flynn, Meloë Kacenelenbogen, Samuel E. LeBlanc, Kerry G. Meyer, Kristina Pistone, K. Sebastian Schmidt, Michal Segal-Rozenhaimer, Yohei Shinozuka, Robert Wood, Paquita Zuidema, Jens Redemann, Sundar A. Christopher, (2021), Spatiotemporal heterogeneity of aerosol and cloud properties over the southeast Atlantic: An observational analysis, Accepted to GRL, 

  • Redemann et al., (2020), An overview of the ORACLES (ObseRvations of Aerosols above CLouds and their intEractionS) project: aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions in the Southeast Atlantic basin, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 1507–1563, 2021,

  • Choi, Yongjoo, Young Sung Ghim, Michal Segal Rozenhaimer, Jens Redemann, Samuel E. LeBlanc, Connor J. Flynn, Roy J. Johnson et al. "Temporal and spatial variations of aerosol optical properties over the Korean peninsula during KORUS-AQ." Atmospheric Environment (2021): 118301

  • Cochrane, S. P., Schmidt, K. S., Chen, H., Pilewskie, P., Kittelman, S., Redemann, J., LeBlanc, S., Pistone, K., Kacenelenbogen, M., Segal Rozenhaimer, M., Shinozuka, Y., Flynn, C., Dobracki, A., Zuidema, P., Howell, S., Freitag, S., and Doherty, S.: Empirically derived parameterizations of the direct aerosol radiative effect based on ORACLES aircraft observations, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 14, 567–593,, 2021.

  • Shinozuka, Y., Kacenelenbogen, M. S., Burton, S. P., Howell, S. G., Zuidema, P., Ferrare, R. A., LeBlanc, S. E., Pistone, K., Broccardo, S., Redemann, J., Schmidt, K. S., Cochrane, S. P., Fenn, M., Freitag, S., Dobracki, A., Segal-Rosenheimer, M., and Flynn, C. J.: Daytime aerosol optical depth above low-level clouds is similar to that in adjacent clear skies at the same heights: airborne observation above the southeast Atlantic, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20, 11275–11285,, 2020

  • Shinozuka, Y., Saide, P. E., Ferrada, G. A., Burton, S. P., Ferrare, R., Doherty, S. J., Gordon, H., Longo, K., Mallet, M., Feng, Y., Wang, Q., Cheng, Y., Dobracki, A., Freitag, S., Howell, S. G., LeBlanc, S., Flynn, C., Segal-Rosenhaimer, M., Pistone, K., Podolske, J. R., Stith, E. J., Bennett, J. R., Carmichael, G. R., da Silva, A., Govindaraju, R., Leung, R., Zhang, Y., Pfister, L., Ryoo, J.-M., Redemann, J., Wood, R., and Zuidema, P.: Modeling the smoky troposphere of the southeast Atlantic: a comparison to ORACLES airborne observations from September of 2016, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20, 11491–11526,, 2020.

  • Li, Alan, Ved Chirayath, Michal Segal-Rozenhaimer, Juan L. Torres-Perez, (2020), NASA NeMO-Net’s Convolutional Neural Network: Mapping Marine Habitats through Spectrally Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Imagery, IEEE-Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, JSTARS-2020-00665

  • Segal Rozenhaimer Michal, Alan Li, Kamalika Das and Ved Chirayath, (2020), Cloud Detection Algorithm for Multi-Modal Satellite Imagery using Convolutional Neural-Networks (CNN), Remote Sensing of Environment, Remote Sensing of Environment 237 (2020) 111446

  • Daniel J. Miller, Michal Segal-Rozenhaimer, Kirk Knobelspiesse, Jens Redemann, Brian Cairns, Mikhail Alexandrov, Bastiaan van Diedenhoven, and Andrzej Wasilewski, (2020), Low-level liquid cloud properties during ORACLES retrieved using airborne polarimetric measurements and a neural network algorithm, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 13, 3447–3470, 2020,

  • Samuel E. LeBlanc, Jens Redemann, Connor Flynn, Kristina Pistone, Meloë Kacenelenbogen, Michal Segal-Rosenheimer, Yohei Shinozuka, Stephen Dunagan, Robert P. Dahlgren, Kerry Meyer, James Podolske, Steven G. Howell, Steffen Freitag, Jennifer Small-Griswold, Brent Holben, Michael Diamond, Paola Formenti, Stuart Piketh, Gillian Maggs-Kölling, Monja Gerber, and Andreas Namwoonde, (2020), Above Cloud Aerosol Optical Depth from airborne observations in the South-East Atlantic, ACPD, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20, 1565–1590, 2020

  • Pistone, K., Redemann, J., Doherty, S., Zuidema, P., Burton, S., Cairns, B., Cochrane, S., Ferrare, R., Flynn, C., Freitag, S., Howell, S. G., Kacenelenbogen, M., LeBlanc, S., Liu, X., Schmidt, K. S., Sedlacek III, A. J., Segal-Rozenhaimer, M., Shinozuka, Y., Stamnes, S., van Diedenhoven, B., Van Harten, G., and Xu, F.: Intercomparison of biomass burning aerosol optical properties from in situ and remote-sensing instruments in ORACLES-2016, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 9181-9208,

  • Sayer, A. M., Hsu, N. C., Lee, J., Kim, W. V., Burton, S., Fenn, M. A., Ferrare, R. A., Kacenelenbogen, M., LeBlanc, S., Pistone, K., Redemann, J., Segal-Rozenhaimer, M., Shinozuka, Y., and Tsay, S.-C.: Two decades observing smoke above clouds in the south-eastern Atlantic Ocean: Deep Blue algorithm updates and validation with ORACLES field campaign data, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 12, 3595-3627,

  • Sabrina Cochrane, K. Sebastian Schmidt, Hong Chen, Peter Pilewskie, A. Scott Kittelman, Warren Gore, Jens Redemann, Samuel LeBlanc, Kristina Pistone, Meloë Kacenelenbogen, Michal Segal Rozenhaimer, Yohei Shinozuka, Connor Flynn, Steven Platnick, Kerry Meyer, Rich Ferrare, Sharon Burton, Chris Hostetler, Steven Howell, Amie Dobracki, and Sarah Doherty, (2019), Above-Cloud Aerosol Radiative Effects based on ORACLES 2016 and ORACLES 2017 Aircraft Experiments, Atmos. Meas. Tech.,, 2019

  • Segal Rosenheimer, M., Daniel Miller, Kirk Knobelsppiese, Jens Redemann, Brian Cairns, Mikhail Alexandrov, (2018), Development of neural network retrievals of liquid cloud properties from multi-angle polarimetric observations, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 220 (2018) 39–51

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  • Smirnov, A., T.B. Zhuravleva, M. Segal-Rosenheimer, B.N. Holben, (2018), Limitations of AERONET SDA product in presence of cirrus clouds, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 206,  338–341

  • Smith William L. Jr., Christy Hansen, Anthony Bucholtz, Bruce E. Anderson, Matthew Beckley, Joseph G. Corbett, Richard I. Cullather, Keith M. Hines, Michelle Hofton, Seiji Kato, Dan Lubin, Richard H. Moore, Michal Segal-Rosenheimer, Jens Redemann,  Sebastian Schmidt, Ryan Scott, Shi Song, John D. Barrick, J. Bryan Blair, David H.  Bromwich, Colleen Brooks, Gao Chen, Helen Cornejo, Chelsea A. Corr, Seung-Hee Ham, A. Scott Kittelman, Scott Knappmiller, Samuel LeBlanc, Norman G. Loeb, Colin Miller, Louis Nguyen, Rabindra Palikonda, David Rabine, Elizabeth A. Reid, Jacqueline A., Richter-Menge, Peter Pilewskie, Yohei Shinozuka, Douglas Spangenberg, Paul Stackhouse, Patrick Taylor, K. Lee Thornhill, and Edward Winstead, (2017), Arctic Radiation-IceBridge Sea and Ice Experiment (ARISE): The Arctic Radiant Energy 2 System During the Critical Seasonal Ice Transition, BAMS,

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