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Dr. Michal Segal-Rozenhaimer, PI

I am passionate about earth as a whole and the interaction between atmosphere, biosphere and the oceans in terms of climate change and radiative budgets. I have participated in many NASA led airborne campaigns, where I took part in various types of measurements, including remote sensing and in-situ. My research spans many regions over the globe, including the Arctic, Africa and Asia, where in the latter I have participated in a detailed air-quality survey in South-Korea that investigated local and long-range transport sources and processes of the air pollution in this complicated region. In the past couple of years I am working on development of machine learning algorithms that can help classify, track and better understand the atmosphere and oceanic systems.

Dr. Rachel Lugassi, Lab Manager

I hold a PhD in Remote-Sensing from Tel-Aviv University. In my role as lab manager I am in charge on the instrument set-up on our roof observatory (Kaplun building), installation, operation and maintenance and on their routine data analysis.

Dr. Haochi Che, Post-doctoral Fellow

I am currently working on a funded ASR-DOE project to study the link between aerosol mixing state, structure and composition and their optical properties by aircraft and in-situ ground measurements in the Southeastern Atlantic. The main objective of this project is to have a better understanding of aerosol chemical and physical properties with radiation, and ultimately to constrain the aerosol direct radiative forcing in the Southeastern Atlantic.  During my post-doc at Oxford University I worked on improving aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions in global models, and used observations from CLARIFY and ORACLES to constrain GCMs.

Dr. Lu Zhang, Post-doctoral Fellow

I am working on aerosol optical closure with airborne measurements from ORACLES and CLARIFY campaigns over the Southeastern Atlantic. This study is investigating the link between particle microphysical and optical properties, as well as BC and brown carbon absorption. Results are expected to better constrain radiative forcing estimation in this area.

Dr. Caroline Dang, NASA Post-doctoral Fellow

My research explores individual aerosol properties such as structure, morphology, composition, and mixing state using a range of laboratory methods including SEM/TEM microscopy.  The single particle analysis will be combined with flight observations to try to further our understanding of aerosols and their transformations, sources, and interactions with clouds and radiation.

David Nukrai, Graduate Student Research Assistant

I am an algorithm engineer in the field of image processing in the mobile camera team in Samsung. My academic research focuses on supervised and unsupervised image segmentation techniques and their applications to satellite images of clouds. 

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