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Atmospheric Measurements


Dr. Segal-Rozenhaimer has extensive experience with in-situ and remote-sensing measurements, both in a laboratory and field setups. She spent the past eight years with the NASA airborne program, taking measurements in multiple regions over the globe, including south-Korea, the Arctic sea-ice, and Africa. Our group continues to set-up and perform measurements from various platforms and to analyze the acquired data to answer questions regarding the earth radiative budget and its predictive capability.

At Tel-Aviv, we are installing several ground-based instruments on the roof of the Geophysics building.

We will be monitoring aerosols with AERONET ( and trace gases with PANDORA ( such as ozone, NO2, and more. We will also have in-situ aerosol samplers that will be analyzed for aerosol types and size and for SARS-Cov-2 virus (Covid-19 virus) in ambient aerosols.

Dr. Segal-Rozenhaimer is installing AERONET and PANDORA on the roof of the Sao-Tome Meteorological Institute, Africa


New as of Sep-2020:

The Cimel sunphotometer at Tel-Aviv University is part of the global AERONET ( network that will measure aerosol optical depth and aerosol optical properties including urban pollution, sea-salt and dust on the roof observatory of the exact sciences Kaplun building.

Check the global AERONET website for our data!

The new AERONET member at Tel-Aviv University, Kaplun building, Geophysics Department


New as of Apr-2021:

The PANDORA instrument was set up on the Kaplun rooftop. Setup and Calibration process went through summer and we are now on the global Pandonia network map (

Dr. Haochi Che and Dr. Lu Zhang from the Clista group are helping to install the new PANDORA instrument at Tel-Aviv University,



Air quality measurements in South Korea KORUS-AQ campaign:

A video of a missed approach maneuver over Seoul; note the very low altitude and the very hazy and polluted atmosphere! (caution: very noisy inside the plane)
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